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  • How do I change my ITscope login e-mail address?

    In order to change your login e-mail address, you must log in successfully in ITscope and modify it in your employee profile as follows:

    1. Go to the employee profile by hovering over her avatar photo in the top right corner and by clicking on the “My profile” option (see screenshot below).

      In your employee profile, you have now the possibility to change the login e-mail address in the tab “Settings“.
    2. To do this, click the “Change login e-mail address” button and enter the required data accordingly.
  • How can I configure my individual prices in ITscope?

    I do not see prices for some suppliers and also the suppliers show the prices do not contain my individual conditions at the respective distributor. How do I manage to see my own prices?

    What do I need to do?

    The data for the respective function (individual prices, real-time prices and orders) must be applied individually to each distributor.

    Once the data, such as customer number and corresponding passwords are available, the partnership can be started.

    Do this, search the desired supplier in “search box”, then click the button “Add to Network” and enter in the customer number field that you received from the respective suppliers. Finally, click “Add to Network”

    Then, it automatically opens the eService “My Account”, where all the credentials can be entered, etc. that you get from the supplier.

    Click “Enable setting” after entering all data on to finish the setup process!

    More information is available in at setting up vendor accounts

    Important note: The partnership with ALSO Deutschland GmbH always takes 1 working day.

  • How can I change the shipping costs for a supplier?

    You must have already set up the eServices for the respective vendor. For instructions, see here.

    In the “Order” area of the “My account” tab, the information provided by the vendor is displayed. The standard shipping costs of the vendor can also be overwritten by a self-assigned value.

  • How do I disable / enable an employee?

    The deactivation / activation is done via the “account holder” itself or through the user the “administrative rights”has.

    For more information you can under the following entry for help within the ITscope online.

  • Where can I find an order that I created from an offer?

    Once you have created an offer, you can create a purchase order from this. For this, navigate to the tab page Purchasing (1).

    You will now receive a shopping basket specifically for this offer. Here you can optimize your shopping cart as usual. Are you satisfied with the optimization, you can create (2) an order.

    The order thus moves to the middle column. You can now view all orders under trade> order.

    You can then send the order as usual via the shopping basket by moving it to the right column or via the detailed view.

  • Do you have questions about your invoice?

    I have questions about the invoice, who can I contact?

    Where can I find the invoice documents?

    Where can I change the invoice mail?

    You can find some information about the invoices directly on the portal in the company area.

    See also the online help post administration ITscope contract account.

    You can about your bill directly at any time with any questions buchhaltung@itscope.com contact.

  • Why do offer mails end up in the customer’s spam folder or do not even arrive?

    If I write an offer mail from ITscope and send it to my end customers, these mails come back (Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender) or end up in the customer’s spam folder.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Please setup your email with ITscope:


  • How do I change my ITscope login password?

    There are two possibilities to assign a new login password:

    1. Option “Forgot password”:

      If you forgot the password to navigate to first on https://www.itscope.com/en/  .

      Now click the upper right corner on “Login” and then click on the “Forgot password?”.

      You will be asked for your login e-mail.

      Once you enter your login email address, you will receive the instructions to reset your login information by e-mail.
    2. Password change within the ITscope online platform:

      You can change the login password in your employee profile.

      Here are the steps:

      Access to your user profile by clicking on your employee photo (top right corner) and click on “My profile” (see screenshot below).

      Inside your employee profile you will see the tab “Settings” and there the ability to perform the password change.

      In order to change it just click on the button “Change password” and enter the requested data.
  • Can’t login to ITscope.com due to browser addon

    An application on https://www.itscope.com/en/ is technically impossible. Account is not blocked, employee is not blocked and access data is correct.

    However, only the browser seems to have problems.

    In this case, it is probably the case
    – either at the browser cache / cookies
    – or an incompatible add-on / extension.

    The following steps could contribute to the solution:
    – Delete your cache: Go to the menu> Settings> Privacy & Security> Delete browser data

    – Disable all extensions in browser and reactivate them step by step until the “misdead” has been made
    – Use a different browser if all other steps do not solve the problem.

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Accounting and contractual questions
  • Is it possible to change my company name?

    The company name only can be changed by us because this step requires re-validation.
    For security reasons and to avoid confusion, every customer has to provide their full company name.
    Each company has to specify their business entity (e.g. “Ltd”, “LLP” …) in order to use ITscope.
    If your company is owner-managed, we can change your company name without requiring a certificate of registration.
    If not, the new certificate of registration is required in order to change the company name.
    Please send an email to accounting@itscope.com for company name requests.

  • What payment methods are supported?

    While contract conclusion you can choose out of these payment terms:

    • Invoice, 7 days
    • SEPA direct debit

    For payment by invoice following payment methods are supported:

    Bank transfer to our account:

    • Volksbank Stutensee-Weingarten
    • IBAN: DE74 6606 1724 0022 0919 05

    Via PayPal: payment@itscope.com

  • How can I change my bank account?

    You can edit your bank account details in your account settings. To do this, select your profile (1) and click the ‘My account’ button.

    Navigate to the ‘Account’ tab (3) and edit your bank account details as required. You will find all account information in this tab.

    If a SEPA mandate was issued via our PDF form, we’ll need a new one if you change your bank details.
    The SEPA direct debit mandate form can be found here.

  • How can I change my billing email address?

    You can change your billing email address in your account settings.

  • My address has changed. How can I update my billing address?

    You can change your address in your company profile.

  • How can I change my contract terms?

    You can find guidance on changing your contract here.

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