Licence assignment and Employee user rights

Last modified: 18. March 2024

Here, each employee can be assigned or deactivated a licence from the pool of purchased licences.

The overview of contracts and prices can be found on our homepage, divided into sales packages focussing on sales activities and procure packages focussing on purchasing activities.

User rights for the ITscope platform can also be assigned in the authorisations section

All changes to the authorisations only take effect after a new logout/login.

Assign and remove licences

As an account owner or admin, you can assign and remove user licences for ITscope to employees in your company.

Assign licences

To assign user licences to employees in your company, please proceed as follows:

Go to your company profile and then to Employees. Click on the desired employee and then on Authorisations. Select the licence that the employee should receive from the drop-down menu.

You can only select licences that your company has purchased and that are not currently assigned.

If no licences are available, the following two options are available:

  1. Purchase additional licences via ITscope Sales.
  2. Deactivate one of the existing users and assign the licence that has become available to the desired employee.

Remove licences

Active employees always require a licence on ITscope. If no licence is issued, the employee is automatically deactivated.

If you would like to remove an employee’s user licence, please proceed as follows:

Go to your company profile and then to Employees. Click on the desired employee and then on Authorisations. Select the Deactivate option in the drop-down menu.

The selected employee is now deactivated. The previously used licence is now available in the pool again and can be assigned to another employee.

Set authorisation

The rights of a licence always take precedence over individual employee rights

Employee rights have no effect on the rights of a licence. This means that if an employee has a sales licence and the individual right to order, they cannot order, as the sales licence does not permit ordering.

Conversely, I can take away the individual right to order from an employee with a Procure licence, who has the basic right to order. This means that the employee can fill shopping baskets, but cannot order them directly.


With this right, other employees can be granted or deprived of their user rights. In addition, the administrator can enable or disable employee accounts.

You cannot remove administrator rights for your own account, this can only be done by another administrator. This always leaves at least one administrator in the company.

The other user rights are not automatically included in this administrator right.

Place orders

With this right, prepared orders on the purchasing board can be sent to the suppliers. This right is not needed to add products to shopping carts.


With this right, customer orders can be processed on the salesboard. In addition, each employee will receive a notification when an order has been received.

This permission is only relevant for accounts that list on ITscope and accept orders.

Manage own company

Your company profile can be managed with this right, e.g. descriptions, addresses and other elements of the company profile.

Add a partner

This right allows you to add other companies to your network.

However, this right does not authorise setting up or configuring eServices from the partners, and also does not allow the ending of a partnership.

Configure eServices

With this right, you can configure eServices from partners that are already part of your partner network. This right also allows the ending of a partnership.

The customer number given to the partnership can only be changed with this right.

This user right does not allow the addition of other companies to your own company network (see above).

Manage data exports

Exports can be created and configured with this right.

Any employee can download these exports, regardless of this right.

B2B Suite admin

If a B2B Suite account exists for the creation of multi-supplier capable B2B purchasing portals, this right can be used to assign B2B Suite administrator rights to an employee. For more information, please see the B2B Suite Help section.

Manage B2B Suite portals

With this right, if an ITscope B2B Suite account exists, portal management rights for the B2B Suite can be given to an employee. For more information, please see the B2B Suite Help section.

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