Last modified: 6. August 2021

On the platform

As soon as a new order is available on your salesboard, the counter for new events (next to the alarm bell icon) is incremented. By selecting the appropriate menu item, you are able to directly view the new orders.

By email

In addition to notifications on the platform, ITscope will also send you an email when a new order has been received.

This email is sent to the email address that was entered in the eService admin section for email orders. Furthermore, all users from your company who have the right to sell will also receive this notification. The customer can also enter specific email addresses when sending the order, e.g. to inform their personal contact person.

If you use an EDI order interface, you will only receive emails if the person placing the order has explicitly entered a recipient when placing the order.

The email notification contains information about the person placing the order, the number of items ordered and the order value. A direct link to the order on the platform is also provided, and the order is also attached to the email in the openTRANS format.

This order summary replaces the previous textual email, which was sent to the configured email address.

Further information on the salesboard can be found in our glossary.

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