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Last modified: 19. October 2022

Overview of active EDI integrations

This overview is always kept up to date and new distributors are added as soon as they are connected via EDI. We also regularly update the field indicating whether a distributor can receive and process ESD orders.

Orders, order status and order response documents of these distributors are automatically transferred, identified and processed.

Distributors that are not directly connected via EDI are notified by email when an order is received. They can then manually view the order on the ITscope platform, download it in the OpenTrans format and change the status. All distributors listed on ITscope can therefore be connected with a single, standardised format.

Descriptions for abbreviations used in the table below:

IDNAMERespDispProforma InvoiceSerial / IMEITrackPartialDropCUSTESDServiceLicencePROJEDI Requires
10000397ADN Distributionxxindiv.xxplanned Q1/2022
10000827Alexander Bürklexxindiv.x
10000711Alltronx xx/- x   
10000087ALSO Belgienxxxx/xxxxxxxx
10000142ALSO Deutschlandxxindiv.x/xxxxx xxxx 
10000087ALSO Nederlandxxindiv.x/xxxxxxxx
10000348ALSO Österreichxxindiv.x/xxxindiv.xxx x 
10000026api Deutschlandxxindiv.x/-xxxx  x 
10000387AXROxxxx/-xxxxactivation with AXRO
10000090bluechip Computerxxxx/-xxxx   
10000265BYTEC Bodryx*x* x/- x x  
10000006ComLinexxindiv.x/-xxx  activation with ComLine
10000709Conrad Electronic Deutschlandxxindiv. x x   
10000571Convena Distributionxxindiv. xxxx   
10000052COS Computerxxindiv.x/-xxxx  
10000030CTT Computertechnikxxindiv.x/-xxxx   
10000198DELOx*x*   xxx   
10000310dexxITxxx xxxx   
10000311ECOMxxx  xxx   
10000576EET Europarts Deutschlandxxxx/-xxx  EDI password
10000528EET Europarts Österreichxxxx/-xxx  EDI password
10000996EFB Elektronikxxxx
10000398ENO telecomxxindiv.x/-xxxx   
10000597Foxway Distribution
10001210Hamaxxx  x    
14Ingram Micro Deutschlandxxindiv.x/-xxxxxx x(*) activated realtime eService & extra activation with Ingram Micro
10001002Ingram Micro Österreichxxindiv.x/-xxxxxx x(*) activated realtime eService & extra activation with Ingram Micro
10000121INTOS ELECTRONICxx x  xxx   
10000874IPC-Computerxxx xxxx   
10000735ITscope Partner-Testx*x*x*x/-*xxxxxxx xextra activation required
10000009JACOB Elektronikxxxxxxx   
10000344Jarltechx x x/- x x xx   
10001327KATUN Germanyxxxx/-x
10000840Kindermannxxx-/-xxxplanned 2022
10000053KOMSAxx x/-xxxx   
10000005KOSATEC Computerxxxxxx  activated realtime eService
10000669KYOCERAxxxx/-xxxactivation with KYOCERA
10000364Littlebit Technology Deutschlandxxxx/-xxx   
10000356M.K. Computer ELECTRONIC Deutschlandxxxx/-x x  activated realtime eService
10000585MEGATECHxxxx/-xxxxactivated FTP order eService
10001052Mehrens Unified Communicationxxxx/-xxxxx
10000148Memorysolutionx*x*   xxx  activated realtime eService
10000140Michael Telecomxxxx/-xxxxplanned 2022
10001351OMEGA Österreich-/-xxxplanned 2022
10001146One4Business Solutions (Sonepar Deutschland)xxxx/-x  x   
10000011pilotxxindiv.x/-xxxx  x 
10000380Printecxxxx/-xxxx xactivated realtime eService
10000136Siewert & Kauxxxx/-xxx   
10000563SYNAXON Projekt- und Handel xx/- x xx   
10000110Systeam Deutschlandxxxx/-xxxx xactivated realtime eService
10000600Systeam Österreichxxxx/-xxxx xactivated realtime eService
58TD SYNNEX Germanyxxindiv.x/xxxxxxxx x 
10000347TD SYNNEX Austriaxxindiv.x/xxxxxxxx x 
10000917TD SYNNEX Switzerlandxxindiv.x/xxxxxxxxx
10000459TIM Deutschlandxxxx/-xxxx (*)
10001597TIM Österreichxxxx/-xxx x (*)
10000448Travionxxindiv. xxx   
10000067Wortmannxxxx/-xxx x * x activated FTP order eService
10001005WORTMANN TELECOMxxxx/-xxx x *  EDI password
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