Last modified: 6. August 2021

eService section

As before, the eService admin section allows an email address to be added where order notifications are sent. This can be done in the ‘Order’ section, under ‘Email for orders’.

On the employee page, the ‘Sell’ platform right can be activated for employees. If this right is activated, the employee will also receive an email notification when new orders are received.

These settings regarding notifications are only relevant if you offer email orders. No notifications are sent on this basis if an EDI ordering interface is present.

User right for selling

The ‘Sell’ platform right is a prerequisite for using the salesboard. Without this right, the menu items in the header menu are not displayed at all.

In addition, as already mentioned, granting this selling right will mean that the user receives an email notification as soon as a new order has been placed.

Further information on the salesboard can be found in our glossary.

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