Sending and receiving orders and documents

Last modified: 9. October 2020

Terms of use

To use the EDI interfaces, you usually have to clarify and set up the corresponding basic conditions with each distributor. Here are some of the most important conditions:

  • ask your distributor to activate the EDI interface
  • clarify which documents are to be made available to you via the interface, e.g. order responses, delivery notes (dispatch notifications) and invoices
  • clarify whether ‘Shipping with own delivery note’ is activated for the respective supplier
  • please note that many distributors only support one service provider, i.e. if you already use an EDI connection, then it may not be possible to send documents to ITscope additionally as they are instead sent to the other existing connection
  • clarify shipping costs with the distributor, as these are normally not mapped via the EDI interfaces.

Send orders

All orders that have been created and sent can be retrieved through the deal API method. Orders can be sent to distributors in several ways:

Send orders via the ITscope API

With the ITscope deal/send API method, it is possible to send OpenTrans 2.1 (ORDER) order documents directly to the EDI interfaces of individual distributors. ITscope converts the orders into the respective distributor’s EDI format and sends the order to the EDI interface of the distributor on behalf of the customer.

Orders are sent in the OpenTrans 2.1 format (ORDER).

Receive orders as a distributor

Distributors can currently receive orders in two different ways:

  • notifications of received orders are sent by email to the deposited email addresses. The distributor can then process the order via the salesboard and update the status of the orders manually. In doing so, standard order response documents are generated automatically (ORDERRESPONSE, DISPATCHNOTIFCATION). The invoice order response document (INVOICE) is not generated though
  • orders are transferred from the ITscope platform to the distributor-specific EDI format and are sent electronically to the connected EDI system of the distributor (active list see below), where they are then processed. Order response documents are automatically generated by the distributor’s EDI system and sent back to the ITscope system. ITscope converts the orders from the specific EDI format back into the OpenTrans 2.1 format used by ITscope. The order status results from the information and documents processed via the EDI interface.

Receive order status and documents as a customer

Existing orders and their corresponding status can be retrieved using the deal API method. The available response documents (ORDERRESPONSE, DISPATCHNOTIFCATION or INVOICE), that have already been converted from the distributor-specific EDI format into OpenTrans 2.1, are available via API with the business/documents methods.

Order response documents (ORDERRESPONSE, DISPATCHNOTIFCATION or INVOICE) are received in OpenTrans 2.1 format.

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