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Last modified: 5. October 2020

There are currently three listing options available, which can be combined:

Standard listing

With the standard listing, your products and prices will be immediately visible to everyone on ITscope.


  • Every ITscope user can export your data e.g. for online shops or ERPs
  • All ICT companies on ITscope can see your products and prices immediately

Notes for implementation

Individual prices

These prerequisites have to be met to show individual prices:

  1. You provide customers with individual price lists in the CSV format
  2. These can be retrieved via FTP or HTTP with authentication


  • Your customers can see their personalised prices on ITscope
  • They can calculate their selling price based on their purchase price or export your products into their online shops
  • Please note that many major customers on ITscope will only consider suppliers that are able to display individual prices on ITscope

Notes for implementation

Real-time retrieval

The following prerequisites have to be met in order to show real-time prices:

  1. You can provide an interface (XML/SOAP/REST/service URL) with authentication to transfer the XML/CSV/TXT data
  2. Our IP range ( – or has to be permitted for real-time retrieval


  • The price and availability information will be requested immediately after a user opens the product page on ITscope.

This option should be preferred since it is the most up-to-date.

Notes for implementation

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