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Last modified: 28. September 2020

Supported price list file types

Preferred file types are CSV or TXT files, split with a separator (e.g. semicolon (;) – comma (,) – tabulator(\t) or PIPE (|)). The price list has to be structured as follows:

  • Column headings
  • Every consecutive line should contain one product
  • Supplier part number has to be unique and may not be used with multiple products!

The following file types are currently supported:

File typeDetailed explanation
CSV/TXTEvery common separator is supported.
Important: separators or line breaks within a field must be quoted correctly (e.g. with quotation marks surrounding the whole field, using escape characters or double quotation marks)
XLS/XLSXExcel (XLS) price lists are normally supported without any problems.
Important: only one product per line, multi-column price lists are not supported Please ensure that the EAN is not displayed as a floating point number, as the EAN will become invalid! The Excel file may not be blocked for editing!
XMLSupported; DTD should be available
DBFSupported without any problems
ZIPEvery file type mentioned above can also be zipped (recommended for large price lists).
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