Individual prices

Last modified: 28. September 2020

In order to upload individual prices for your customers, an individual price list with separate logins is required for each customer. These price lists must have at least the supplier article number and the individual price for the customer. Preferred file format is CSV or TXT, containing a separator (e.g. Semicolon (;) – Comma (,) – Tabulator (\t) or PIPE (|)), with a line ending separator \r\n.

Your price list should meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • Column headers in the first row
  • Every following row should contain one product
  • No additional information in the supplier article number column, only the article number (SKU)
  • No currency signs or other text in the price column
  • The list should contain all products the customer is allowed to see. There’s no fallback to prices from the standard price list!
File typeDetailed explanation
CSV/TXTEvery common separator is supported.
Important: if separators or line breaks are used within a field, then these have to be quoted correctly (e.g. with quotation marks surrounding the whole field, using escape characters or double quotation marks)
DBFSupported without any problems

Following deployment methods are currently supported:

FTP-DownloadThe best and most secure method for providing individual price lists. Passwort protection is possible and recommended. The retrieval will be in the form of: ftp://username:password@linktocustomerpricelist
HTTP-DownloadThis is the second possible method for providing individual price lists. Password protection is possible and recommended. The retrieval will be in the form of: http://username:password@linktocustomerpricelist Attention: changes to the customer price list can only be recognised if the HTTP header contains the last-modified field, which has to be set to the file date.
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