Realtime retrieval

Last modified: 8. December 2020

General information

If you update your online shop stock levels/prices in realtime, then directly connecting your online systems with ITscope makes sense.

The ideal case therefore provides that only the specification of the existing login / password combination (e.g for the online shop) is necessary for the retrieval of realtime prices and availability.

If your online system requires a special Web Service Account or similar, ITscope users should receive it.

Important: ITscope obtained no information on accounts nor carried price or availability schedules.

All communication takes place exclusively between the client and your (web) server.

The following variants are possible:

Type of interfaceParticularities
XML interfacePlease provide us with test access and the official interface documentation
HTTP interfacePlease let us know the format of the HTTP/GET request

Retrieval example

The following two example HTTP calls demonstrate how the two supported file types CSV and XML can be processed.

1. CSV example

Example retrieval link:

Answer received:


Mandatory fields are:

  • article
  • quantity
  • price

2. XML example

Example retrieval link:

<Result ID=”0″>ok</Result>

Mandatory fields are:

  • Result ID -> corresponds to the result code (see further information below)
  • ID -> corresponds to the unique article number (SKU)
  • Price -> selling price of the product

The other fields, including DELIVERYDATE (delivery date) and QUANTITY-EXT (external warehouse stock level), are optional.

The following states can, for example, be transmitted with the ‘Result ID‘ codes:

  • Successfully OK
  • Authentication errors
  • Item not found

In general, the number of articles contained in the result may, of course, also include more than one article.

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