Basic requirements

Last modified: 14. September 2023

In order to list your price list on ITscope as a distributor, certain requirements must be met. Otherwise, it will not be possible to process your price list and the products cannot be integrated into ITscope.

The following requirements must be fulfilled to allow ITscope to integrate your price list:

  1. Every price list has to be provided in either CSV or TXT format.
  2. Each list must contain a header with column headings. If no column headings are present, you should ensure that the list is well-structured and based on a fixed scheme. The headings must not contain line breaks.
  3. Your price list has to be made available via your own FTP (or SFTP) or through a self-defined URL (e.g.

    If login details are required for retrieval of the file (username/password), then please let us know by emailing
  4. ITscope usually retrieves your price list file on an hourly basis between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., provided that the file has been updated. When checking for new updates through an HTTP call, the ‘Last-Modified’ field must be present in the response header, and set to the file date of the price list.
  5. The price list must be updated regularly(generally at least every working day), so that the import of the provided product data, particularly prices and current product availability, is always up to date.
  6. Each line of the price list should contain exactly one product.
  7. The SKU number must remain constant for the product being offered and must be unique. The same SKU number should never be used for two varying products, or for different product conditions (e.g. new/used).
  8. All prices have to be net prices in Euros. The currency should not be contained within the cell.
  9. For CSV/TXT files: the column delimiter must be unique, preferably a semicolon (;), TAB or PIPE  [ | ]. The CSV/TXT file has to be formatted correctly (fields quoted with breaks/delimiters, no quoting in the header!).
  10. Following information should be present in your company profile:
  11. Your price list file must contain at least the following fields in order to be processed properly. The content of these fields must meet the requirements defined in ‘Field descriptions and examples
    • SKU number (your unique SKU)
    • Manufacturer SKU number and/or EAN (every product must have one of these numbers, we recommend both for better matching)
    • Manufacturer/brand name
    • Product description
    • Category (one or more columns)
    • Net price
    • Stock level
    • WEEE registration number (for detailed information – see the following entry:
    • Product condition (required if products in conditions other than brand new are being offered)
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