Grouping of technical product properties via attribute clusters

Last modified: 2. September 2022

The technical properties that are transferred in the attributes cluster (e.g. attributeCluster.csv) are groupings of properties.

A list of all product types including the top five category dependent attributes (attributeTypeId1..attributeTypeId5) be retrieved using the getProductTypes API method.

In this grouping of properties, a distinction is made between cross-category properties and category dependent properties.

Cross-category properties are attributes that apply to all product types, such as:

  • colour
  • dimensions
  • weight

Category dependent properties are attributes that apply only to certain product types such as:

Screen size (inch) for TFTs, e.g. 15″, 17″, 24″ etc.

Storage capacity for hard drives, e.g. ‘500 GB’, ‘1024 GB’ etc.

Fill volume for ink cartridges, e.g. ’20ml’, ’38ml – 47ml’, ‘110ml’ etc.

Attribute clusters are available for both export data profiles (‘standard‘ and ‘developer‘).

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