Fill volume information for ink cartridges

Last modified: 2. September 2022

During an ITscope export, ink cartridge fill volumes can be determined using clusters.

The following URL is an example link for the ‘ink cartridge‘ product type (SET 114):,!SET144

For products with a ‘productTypeId‘ of 144, these values are correspondingly displayed in the ‘attributeValue5‘ column of the ‘product.csv‘ file (data format ‘standard‘ or ‘developer‘).

As a starting point, the following considerations could be made when researching cartridge filling volume:

Pseudo sql ‘select attributeValue5 from products where productTypeId=144’

The values of the filling volume as shown in the screenshot are not the actual values of the product, but correspond to the attribute clusters that contain the product.

The corresponding conversion to 100ml can then be done accordingly.

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