Energy efficiency classes

Last modified: 27. June 2022

Energy efficiency classes are available for the following four product categories:

  • Flat-screen TVs -> productType 182 -> 182 111 450 attributeTypeId
  • Cleaning equipment -> productType 404 -> 404 111 450 attributeTypeId
  • Electrical equipment -> productType 410 -> 410 111 450 attributeTypeId
  • Light bulbs -> productType 441 -> 441 111 450 attributeTypeId

When searching for ‘energy rating‘ as an attribute, you will see that this attribute is only available for the product categories listed above.


Product categories can be retrieved using the following API 2.1 method:

Via export

For exports, the energy efficiency classes (‘attributeValue‘) are indicated in the ‘product.csv’ (data format ‘standard‘ or ‘developer‘).

Current coverage

We can confirm the current status regarding the coverage of the energy efficiency classes:

Product typeNumber of products (approx.)Number of products with energy efficiency classes (approx.)Coverage %Platform link
Flat-screen TVs1,50084056%link
Cleaning equipment1,20022018.3%link
Electrical equipment5,0003,56071.2%link
Light bulbs30,0003,77012.5%link

The efficiency classes can also be viewed directly ​​on the online platform. Simply follow the links in the table above and filter according to ‘energy efficiency class‘.

See the following screenshot (product type ‘electrical equipment‘):

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