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Last modified: 15. December 2023

In order for offers from the ITscope platform to be sent to your customers with your domain, you need to create a DNS CNAME entry for the desired domain pointing to the domain This ensures the uniqueness of your digital offers and supports your offerings with a clear unique selling proposition.

As of December 5, 2023, it’s possible to set up a parallel operation for the new and old offer functions. Consider the following points for this:

  • Your own domain for your previous offers doesn’t need to be adjusted. For example: The CNAME entry for continues to point to
  • Create a new custom domain for the new offer function, e.g.,
  • Set a CNAME entry to the automatically generated domain of the offer portal. For example: The CNAME entry for now points to

If your own domain is entered with https:// in the offer settings, the offer links will also be automatically generated with https://.

Domain settings for previous offers
Domain settings for new offers

Adjusting old links

If you have already set up a domain for quote links in the past, and these still refer to our old IP via DNS A entry, then you must update this entry accordingly. Depending on the TTL (time to live) of your previous DNS entry, it can take several days before changes take effect.

All links will remain valid during and after the change. As soon as the new DNS entry is effective, all links already sent will also be automatically redirected to HTTPS.

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