Matching quality

Last modified: 6. July 2022


Assigned sources of supply are marked with an indication of the matching quality – a number from 1 to 127 – which is necessary in particular for the assessment of automatically generated matchings.

Values > 100 are subject to manual matching, e.g. 125-127 = 1WorldSync matchings, 110 = ITscope matchings and others.

Automatic matchings have a maximum quality of 100, of which subtractions are made according to the following criteria:

  • deviations in the manufacturer item number (e.g. model name instead of manufacturer item number)
  • difference in EAN
  • product class differs (e.g. card reader != input device (keyboard, mouse etc.), projector lamp != projector)
  • price too low: prices that deviate beyond an internally defined range are only accepted if they are explicitly marked as a special offer by the distributor. Exceptions are made for items where the condition is not new
  • deviation of the technical characteristics (e.g. storage capacity not equal).

Display of matching quality

On, the matching quality can be displayed by clicking on a source of supply. In addition, ‘questionable matchings’ (quality <= 80) are marked with a warning.

Filtering sources of supply with ‘safe mode’ automatically filters listed sources of supply depending on the matching quality, or displays warnings for assignment qualities <= 80, if safe mode is activated in the built-in price calculation function.

Furthermore, we recommend a manual review before sending orders in case of assignment quality <= 90. For listings in end customer price comparisons and for automated distribution orders from end customer orders, only assignment qualities >= 100 should be considered. Alternatively, only the original product identifiers of the source selected for the sales price should be used.

The unfiltered use of sources of supply, e.g. for calculating selling prices, is done at your own risk.

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