Klarna Pay Now as a payment method

Last modified: 30. June 2022

If you would like to use Klarna Pay Now as a payment method in your B2B Suite portals, please contact your ITscope contact person.

In order to be able to use Klarna Pay Now instant bank transfer, the corresponding parameters must be entered in the order conditions of a customer group. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a project in your Klarna account and to configure an IP restriction.

Activate payment method

To activate this payment method in a B2B suite portal, please fill in the following parameters in the order conditions of a portal.

Required steps to get these parameters are described in the following sections.

Once all parameters have been entered, and you have assigned the order condition to a customer group, the customer must pay for the order with Pay Now before it is sent.

Create project in Klarna

To create a new project, open https://www.sofort.com/payment/projects/create and select the ‘Create project’ option.

Following this, select ‘Gateway project‘ and then click ‘Create project’.

In the ‘General settings’ section, please provide the required information. Any entry can be chosen for the ‘Shop system’.

‘Pay Now’ must be selected as the payment method at the very bottom. Here you also have the option to switch to test mode for the project.

After saving the changes, you can call up a list of all projects via the following URL: https://www.sofort.com/payment/projects. In the first column you will find the ID of the project, this must be entered in the corresponding field of the order conditions.

Generate API key and adjust IP restrictions

You can access the interface for managing API keys via the following URL: https://www.sofort.com/payment/apiKeys/create. Use the ‘IP restrictions’ section to add further IP addresses with the plus symbol.

Enter the following values for the new IP address:

  • IP-Adresse:
  • Netzmaske: Klasse C-Netz

You can then save the changes by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the end.

The current API key can be found in the upper section under ‘Active API key:’. This key must also be entered in the order conditions.

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