How do I export all master data from a distributor via API?

Last modified: 28. June 2023

The following steps outline the process of exporting master data from a distributor:

  1. Open the ITscope API interface via the following link:!/
  2. Find and select the ‘Company/Distributor’ option
  3. You can specify your output format under ‘Parameters’. At this point in time, either JSON or XML format can be used. Select the XML format for an EXCEL export
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Try it out!’ button
  5. Enter your API access details in the respective dialogue box. You can find your API key in your user profile

6. You will then receive another link (Request URL) to retrieve the data:

7. Copy and paste this link into a browser window to obtain an XML file.

You can also use the following link to automate this:


Enter your corresponding data for [customer_number] and [API-Key]

8. An XML with the desired information will open

9. Right clicking in the browser window opens a menu allowing you to save the page

10. Save the page

11. The file can now be further processed, for example in EXCEL

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