How can I configure my individual prices in ITscope?

Last modified: 22. July 2022

I don’t see any prices for some suppliers, and even the suppliers that show prices don’t include my individual conditions with the respective distributor. How do I get access to my individual prices?

What do I have to set up for this?

The details for the respective functions (individual prices, realtime prices and orders) must be requested individually from each distributor.

As soon as the details, such as customer number and corresponding passwords, are available, the partnership can be started.

To do this, search for the desired supplier in the search bar, then click the ‘Add to network‘ button. Enter the customer number you were given by the supplier in the corresponding field, then select ‘Add to network’ again to finish.

This automatically opens the ‘My account‘ eService section, where you can enter all the access details etc. that you have received from the supplier.

After entering all of the data, click on ‘Activate setting‘ to complete the set-up process!

You can find more information in the following article: setting up supplier accounts.

Important note: the partnership with ALSO Deutschland GmbH always takes 1 working day.

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