Format description for quotes

Last modified: 26. January 2021

Quote data is available in XML and JSON output formats.


NameCompulsory fieldData typeDescription
quoteIdYesString (36)Unique key of the quote (internal)
quoteNoYesString (255)Quote number as it appears on the document
shortUrlYesString (2048)Individual link to the quote, for the recipient of the quote
nameYesString (255)Name given by the author of the quote
statusYes String (255)Quote status, e.g. ‘In negotiation’
lastModifiedYesDateDate last modified
validUntil DateValidity date until which the quote applies
organisationYesString (255)Name of the organisation to which the quote is addressed
personYesString (511)Name of recipient (first and last name)
ItemCountYesIntegerNumber of line items in the quote (including optional items)
deeplinkYes String (2048) Deeplink to the platform, only available in API 2.1
documentUrlYesString (255)API business documents URL for downloading the document
archivedYesBooleanIndicates if a quote is archived, only available in API 2.1

Quote status

  • DRAFT: quote is in the draft version
  • PROGRESS: quote has been shared with the recipient for negotiation
  • WON: recipient has accepted the quote, the order has been won
  • LOST: recipient has declined the quote, the order has been lost
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