Format description for carts

Last modified: 9. October 2020

Data for shopping carts is available in XML and JSON output formats.


Information about a cart

cartNameYesString (255)Name of the cart
lineItemCountYesIntegerNumber of line items
cartIdYesLongUnique key
deeplinkYesString (2048)Deep link to the platform only available in API 2.1
archivedYesBooleanIndicates if a cart is archived only available in API 2.1


Detailed information about a cart line item

puid LongReference to the product
supplierId LongID of the supplier
supplierItemId StringSupplier item number
supplierItemRef LongReference to the supplier item
serial String (36)Unique key
quantity IntegerQuantity
comment String (4096)
Free text field for the line item
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