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Last modified: 3. August 2021

Creating a cart

The request body for creating a cart contains the name of the cart to be created, assigned to the variable “cartName”.

URL of the POST method: 



"cartName": "Cart for Thomas" 

Editing (renaming) a cart

The request body is the same as when creating a cart. Therefore, the new name of the cart is assigned to the variable “cartName”.

The cart to be edited is specified by the cartId, which is generated while creating a cart.

URL of the PUT method:

"cartName": "Shopping by Thomas" 

Deleting a cart

The cart to be deleted is specified by the cartId.

URL of the DELETE method:

Adding products to a cart

The request body for adding products to a cart contains the ‘cartLineItem’ object. This object contains the following variables:

puidProduct ID on ITscope
supplierIdSupplier ID on ITscope
supplierItemIdSupplier’s item number
commentLine item comment

The cartId specifies the cart where products should be added to.

URL of the POST method: product with the PUID 1559972000 to our cart, with a quantity of five and from the supplier Ingram Micro Germany. Ingram Germany has the supplier ID 14 and the product has the Ingram item number ‘9432GFW’.


 "cartLineItem": [ 
     "puid": 1559972000, 
     "supplierId": 14, 
     "supplierItemId": "9432GFW", 
     "quantity": 5, 
     "comment": "For the printer in the southern office wing" 

Removing products from a cart

The product to be removed is specified using the lineItemId. The cartId is also required in order to locate the cart from which the product is to be removed.

URL of the DELETE method:

Showing a cart

Fetching a cart requires the cartId. The output will be in cart format.

URL of the GET method:

Listing all carts

Lists all carts. The output will be in shopping cart format.

URL of the GET method:*
* or cart.xml



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