Basic operating concepts

Last modified: 9. March 2021

ITscope can be operated like a normal webpage, by making use of the functions of the browser, such as forward/backward or up/down buttons. In addition to the browser functions known from normal webpages, following operating concepts are used.

In-place editing

Fundamentally, throughout the platform it is not necessary to manually save after editing a field. The concept of so-called in-place editing (1) is used here. One click, and the displayed data turns into to an editable field where changes can be made. When you leave the input field, changes are saved immediately, so no further action is required to save the entered data. It is currently not possible to cancel editing.

Exceptions include fields where accidental editing should to be avoided (2), e.g. for bank details. A save button is displayed in this case, which must be clicked in order to save changes.

Master/detail Layout

In some places the screen is divided into two adjacent areas; the master and the detail area. Most of the time, it is possible to move the dividing line (separator) between these areas. Navigating over the separator with the mouse cursor will make it visible. The separator can then be adjusted by clicking, holding and dragging it to a new position with the mouse. A single click, without dragging, will fold away the detail area. The detail area can be opened again by clicking the arrow button (3) on the right.

The system will remember the last separator position for each user.

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