Adding suppliers

Last modified: 16. September 2022

Adding a supplier

A distributor can be added as a supplier for a customer portal with the add supplier button. Selecting this button will allow you to choose from over 300 ITscope distributors. It is advisable to enter into a partnership with these distributors, as this allows you to use their eServices to the full extent. Your customers will also benefit from this, as they are given the opportunity to use all order options offered by the distributor in addition to seeing the most current prices available.

New price list

Using the new price list function, several price lists can be added for a distributor/supplier.

A link to your FTP server is required to set up the price list. Column designators must be provided for the distributor article number (SKU), the wholesale selling price (WSP), a minimum retail price (min. RP) and a retail price (RP).

If a retail price has been entered in the list, then the price calculation that was defined during the set-up of the customer portal will not take effect. Instead, the entered retail price will be used and customers will be shown this price.

The distributor article number (SKU) and wholesale selling price (WSP) are essential for setting up the price list.

Packaging units

Additionally you are able to transmit packaging units that your customers should see.

For example: a cable product conducts different lengths that can be sold. Packaging unit – 5m cable is for 7,95€ and packaging unit – 10m is for 8,55€ and so on.

Inactive and active price lists

An inactive distributor price list is presented as shown below. Please ensure that your list is set up correctly, as shown in the example above.

Active price lists are marked with a green tick symbol and are available to be used.

In the supplier prices area, it is possible to navigate directly to the supplier’s company page using the ‘real-time’, ‘price list’, ‘project list’, ‘order’ and ‘drop shipment’ buttons. Here you can use the my account area to see which price options are activated for your supplier.

Important! Settings for distributor/supplier prices must be set up completely. Without fully configured distributors/suppliers, no order automation can be arranged for your portal. Further information can be found here.

Email notification for unsuccessful retrievals

In the event that the retrieval of an active price list fails, an automated email is sent to ITscope users with the ‘Configure eService‘ or ‘Administrator‘ authorisation.

You can find more information on the mentioned user authorisations here.

Attached is an example screenshot of the email notification that is sent:

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