Last modified: 28. September 2020

In several places, it is possible to comment on the context currently being viewed. This section is labelled ‘Activities’ or equivalent, and can be accessed via the ‘Chat’ icon (1) in the details section. Automatically generated entries are also listed here. For example, these may include a status change in the case of orders.

An input field allows text to be entered, which is published after confirmation by pressing ‘Enter’ or via the send button next to the text field. To the right of the input field, the visibility can also be switched between ‘company-wide’ and ‘public’.

Comments marked as ‘company-wide’ (2) are only visible within your own company. Comments marked as ‘public’ (3) are visible to all participants of the platform that have public access to the object (e.g. company or product). An order, for example, is an object that is only visible between two participants, so a global comment in this case would only be visible to the participants involved in the order.

Comments entered appear continuously below the input area, with new entries being listed at the top. The creator of a comment is also able to delete it.

Depending on the application, comments may also always be private and cannot be set as visible to the public. In some cases, no manual comments can be entered, which limits the scope of the activity section to only displaying automatically generated messages. This is the case in the screenshot shown above, which summarises the comments on all products. A comment can be deposited by navigating to the respective product page.

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