Why is the portal so slow sometimes? Is there a measure to speed it up?

Last modified: 3. May 2023

Why is the portal so slow despite a fast internet connection?

This problems may occur on different PCs with different configurations. Is there a measure to speed it up?

Performance problems can be caused by different browser and/or antivirus/firewall configurations.

To carry out your own fault diagnosis as quickly as possible, you can take the following steps:

  • Deactivate browser add-ons, such as Adblock Plus
  • Clear the browser cache and cookies and restart the browser
  • Use another browser or even another PC to observe and compare the behaviour of the ITscope Online Platform there
  • Check your antivirus and firewall software settings, e.g. deactivate them briefly and test the speed of the portal without active antivirus or firewall software
  • In addition, check for possible problems with WebSockets using a WebSocket test that you can run under the following address: https://websocketstest.com
  • Allow the following IP ranges, for port 443 (https):   to  (
    and  to  (
    and   to
  • Domain names that must also be allowed include the following:


If performance problems persist after carrying out these steps, you can also send us the link to the WebSockets Result-ID (which you will find at the bottom of the https://websocketstest.com page), as well as a detailed error description, to support@itscope.com in order to allow us to investigate possible sources of error.

Do not forget to also send us a screenshot of the portal settings.

To do this, click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and then select the ‘About‘ menu item (see screenshot below).

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