Units for product properties in the form of a number

Last modified: 22. January 2021

All product properties in the form of a number are converted to a base unit. In order to obtain a standard display value, the value is converted to a base unit (e.g. GB) for the respective property.

ID of the base unitID of derived unit(s)Derived unit(s)Description
BITKBIT,BITkBit,BitBus width or bit resolution
BPSGBPS,MBPS,KBPS,BPSGbps,Mbps,Kbps,BpsTransmission rate, normalised to bit/s
BYTEBYTE,KBYTE,MBYTE,GBYTE,TBYTE, KIBYTE,MIBYTE,GIBYTE,TIBYTETB,TB,KB,Byte,KB,MB,GB,MB,GBStorage capacity, normalised to bytes. Hard disk specifications have multiples of 1000, all others multiples of 1024 (..bibyte)
CENTEURO,CENT€,cCurrency amount in Euro, normalised to Cents
COERCCOERCOeCoercivity (Streamer)
CPICPIcpiFont size in cpi
CPSCPS,CPMcps,cpmPrinting speed in cps
DAYDAY,MONTH,YEARTage,Monate,JahreDuration, normalised to days
DBDBdBSound pressure / signal-to-noise ratio
DEGDEG°Degrees (angle)
DEGCDEGC°CDegrees Celsius (temperature)
DPIDPIdpiPrinting resolution in dpi
FPSFPSFPSFrame rate in frames per second
GRPM2GRPM2g/m²Specific weight, normalised to g/m²
HZHZ,MHZ,GHZ,KHZHz,MHz,GHz,KHzFrequency, normalised to Hz
IDID Integer ID of a manufacturer
KBSGBS,KBS,GBH,MBM,MBSGB/s,kB/s,GB/h,MB/Min.,MB/sData rate, normalised to kB/s
KELVINKELVINKKelvin (temperature)
LPINCHLPINCHlpiLines per inch resolution
LUMENLUMENLumenBrightness, normalised to lumens
M3PHM3PH,CFMm³/h,cfmVolume flow, normalised to m³/h
MAHMAH,AHmAh,AhCapacity in mAh
MBARMBAR,BARmBar,BarPressure in millibar
MCDPM2MCDPM2,CDM2mcd/m²,cd/m²Luminance, normalised to mcd/m²
MGRGR,KG,MGRg,kg,mgWeight, normalised to mg
MINCHMINCH,INCH,”Length specifications, standardised to 0.001 inch
MLML,LITREml,lFilling quantity, normalised to ml
MLPHLPH,MLPHl/h,ml/hFlow rate, normalised to ml/h
MLUXLUX,MLUXLuxLuminosity, normalised to 0.001 lux
MMM,MM,KM,CMm,mm,km,cmLength specification, normalised to mm
MM2CM2,M2,MM2cm²,m²,mm²Fläche, auf mm² normiert
MM3MM3,CM3,M3mm³,cm³,m³Area, normalised to mm²
MMPSMMPS,KMH,KMSEC,MSECmm/s,km/h,km/s,m/sSpeed, normalised to mm/s
MNUMBERNUMBER,KNUMBER,MNUMBER Other number quantities, normalised to 0.001
MOHMOHM,MOHMOhm,mOhmResistance/impedance, normalised to mOhm
MVOLTVOLT,KVOLT,MVOLTV,kV,mVVoltage, normalised to mV
MWATTWATT,KW,MW,MWATTW,kW,MW,mWPower, normalised to mW
NMNM,MICMnm,µmMinimum lengths, normalised to nanometres
NSMS,NSms,nsTime < 1 second, normalised to nanosecond
NWMNWMNmNewton metre
PFNF,PF,MF,F,MICFnF,pF,mF,F,µFCapacity, normalised to picoFarad
PINPINpinNumber of connector/chip pins
PIXELPIXEL,MPIXEL,KPIXELPixel,MP,TPResolution, normalised to pixels
RARARaColour rendering index
RPMRPM,KRPMrpm,Revolutions per minute
SECONDHOUR,MINUTE,SECONDh,min,sTime between 1s and 24h
SONESONEsonePerceived noise
TEXTORGTEXT,TEXT,Normalised texts
WSMWH,KWH,WH,WSMWh,kWh,Wh,WsEnergy consumption, normalised to Ws
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