Qualification of product properties

Last modified: 24. September 2020

The qualification of the product properties describes not only the quality of the properties, but also their origin.

ValueBit positionIdentifierDescription
0unknownno more reference data can be determined for the property
10unqualifiedvalue is automatically generated from a single free text
21automatically qualifiedproperty qualified through several distributors or manual assignment
8th3ITscope manually qualifiedmanually added by ITscope
325Icecat qualifiedIcecat qualified properties
646manufacturer, automatically qualifiedproperties extracted from free texts supplied by the manufacturer
1287manufacturer, manually assignedmanually assigned manufacturer characteristics
102410distributor, majority qualifiedcharacteristics match for most of the distributors


A property has a qualification of 1057 (1024 + 32 + 1):

  • distributor majority-qualified (1024)
  • Icecat qualified (32)
  • single free text (1)

In binary form, the property looks like this: 0000_0100_0010_0001.

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