Objects in the B2B Suite

Last modified: 28. September 2020


What are objects?

We define product selections, price calculations, customer groups etc. as objects. Most of these objects only exist within the portal they were created in, for example if the object is a customer group. However, two of these object types (product selections and price selections) can be used in multiple portals. This is the reason why a distinction between local and global objects is necessary.

Local objects

Local objects are only available in the portal they were created in, and are only visible in this portal. They can be edited by administrators or by employees responsible for the respective portal.

Global objects

Global objects can be seen in portals by responsible employees, and can be used in all portals. They can, however, only be edited by an administrator. All global objects are marked with a globe icon.

Please note: any changes made to a global object will apply to all portals that use this object.

Change how an object is used

Administrators can us the administrator section to modify the way an object is used. Below the object title, the ‘use’ of the object can be expanded. All places of application of the object are listed here, and the object can be set to local or global.

Following aspects must be considered when changing the way an object is used:

Local to global

Local product selections and price calculations can be converted into global objects at any time. This results in these objects becoming available in all portals, meaning multiple local duplicate objects can be avoided.

Please note: objects set to ‘global’ can only be edited by administrators.

Global to local

A global object must only be used in a single portal if it is to be converted into a local object. If an object is used by customer groups in several different portals, then the object must be removed from all but one customer group. Responsible employees can then edit the object.

Delete objects

Objects can only be deleted if they are not associated with any portals through customer groups. For example, a price calculation can only be deleted if it has been removed from all customer groups.

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