New price calculation

Last modified: 20. September 2022

The new price calculation button allows you to set up several price calculations with individual rules, if required. These can then be selected in the customer groups. A standard price calculation is created that can be used as a template for further price calculations in your portal. They can either be used globally (for multiple portals), or locally (for one portal). Additionally, existing price calculations can be duplicated, making it easy to make a small adjustment within the created pricing rules for another customer group, for example.


For the calculation of the Value Added Tax (VAT), the standard VAT rates for each country are already available on ITscope. Reduced tax rates for individual products or product groups are not yet in use, the calculation is always based on the standard tax rate of the selected country.

Margin calculation

Two different methods are available for the margin calculation.

The first option is to add the configured percentage margin to the Wholesale Selling Price (WSP). A product with a WSP of €200 and a margin of 20% would therefore have a calculated net Retail Price (RP) of €240:

Net RP = WSP * (1 + margin/100)

The second option is to calculate the margin based on the RP. In this case, the configured percentage margin remains as profit after subtracting the WSP from the net RP. A product with a WSP of €200 and a margin of 20% would therefore have a calculated net RP of €250:

Net RP = WSP / (1 – margin/100)

When switching between these two different options, the entered percentages are automatically adjusted by the system to maintain the same price calculation result.

A fixed markup can also be defined, which is added after the margin has been calculated, and before the price is rounded. Please note that negative margins can also be entered, if required.


The filters are used to determine which WSPs are used for the calculation of the RP in the product header. Generally, WSPs are only used from sources of supply that offer the product in new condition, with high matching quality, that are not outdated and where the price is within the permitted price span for the respective product.

Following adjustments are possible:

  • Only in stock: WSPs are only used from sources of supply that have products in stock (‘green’ sources of supply with stock).
  • Graded according to availability: the different levels of availability are grouped and groups with higher availability are preferred.
  • All prices: the limit mentioned above does not apply and WSPs from all sources of supply will be considered.

Out of the sources of supply that are left after filtering, the least expensive WSP will be used as the price calculation basis.

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