Listing configuration and visibility

Last modified: 8. October 2020

Listing configuration

In the ‘ITscope-Listing‘ section , you must enter an email address for listing error messages and the link to your terms and conditions.

The email address for listing error messages is used by ITscope to inform you about any problems while importing your price list.

Both of these informations are essential for your listing to work accurately. Please make sure to fill out all additional information as possible.


By introducing delivery regions, we can now exactly specify the visibility of your listing.

The settings mentioned below can be viewed at any time in your company profile, under the ‘ITscope Listing‘ tab.

See the following screenshot (Example 1):

Any adjustment (deliverydisplay of standard prices etc.) is effective for all customers of the specified region.

With these options, you can, for example, choose to only deliver in Germany and not in other regions, or if you are a Swiss distributor you could choose to only be visible and offer delivery in Switzerland.

Two further examples are listed below:

Example 2:

This setting would mean that your listing is only visible to Swiss companies (with standard prices and complete display of all listing data, for example: display of the article number, description, etc.). You would therefore only supply Swiss companies.

Example 3:

This setting would mean that your listing is visible to all customers, but you would only supply companies from Austria. 
Standard prices are not shown with this setting, meaning each customer must correctly set up access data for an individual price list provided by you. Individual customers outside of Austria could also add you as a supplier if you provide them with a price list.

All settings regarding visibility and delivery regions can only be adjusted by agreement with us.

The settings are read-only.

If you would like to select special settings here, please let us know by writing to

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