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Last modified: 21. December 2020

Individual price list

For the supplier KOSATEC, the following two price display options are available:

  1. Display standard prices
  2. Price list import

Standard prices are always displayed by default.

As soon as you have added the supplier to your network, it is necessary to specify the price display option you want to use (either standard prices or price list import).

In order to import your individual KOSATEC price list into ITscope, the following information is needed:

  • EDI key

Your personal EDI key can be found in the KOSATEC online shop: https://shop.kosatec.de/eservices.

Please copy the full EDI key into ITscope.

Following steps are required:

  1. Open the KOSATEC online shop (https://www.kosatec.de/de/Login?redir=de/Home) and log in with your access details
  2. Select ‘Service‘ –> ‘E-Services‘ (see following screenshot) to navigate to the price list configuration section

3. This section contains your EDI key and your customer number.

The following screenshot shows the supplier account configuration section for KOSATEC on ITscope:


The following steps are necessary to configure KOSATEC realtime prices:

  1. Enter your customer number
    (your customer number with the distributor – already entered)
  2. Enter your EDI key
    (your individual EDI Key from the KOSATEC online shop)
  3. Activate settings
    (this results in your individual realtime prices being retrieved automatically. Within a few seconds, you will be able to see the current retrieval status).

After successful registration, you can find your personal EDI key in the distributor’s online shop: https://shop.kosatec.de/eservices.

Here is the link to the KOSATEC realtime configuration section in ITscope, including a screenshot: KOSATEC Computer GmbH.

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