Error codes for price list processing

Last modified: 28. September 2020


No match

No match found since the product doesn’t exist on ITscope, or the matching information is not correct (SKU number and/or EAN).


Internal error

Internal error occurred while processing the price list.


Recognized shift of price list rows

A shift of column contents was recognised in the corresponding rows. A common reason for this error is a mistake in quoting (line breaks or quotation marks appearing in the wrong place).


Scale price error

Errors or inconsistencies in the price scale. Higher quantities have to result in lower prices.


Supplier Item-No. not unique

Multiple use of the same supplier item no. is not allowed. If multiple rows containing identical supplier item numbers are found, then none of the rows will be imported.


Category not being processed by ITscope

The category name in your price list does not match the products it contains, has a collective name (such as ‘-‘ or ‘miscellaneous’) or is too general (e.g. ‘Computer hardware’). Products without a correct category name will only be imported if there’s already a matching product in the ITscope database.


EAN too short

The ITscope database only allows 13-digit EANs and UPCs preceded by a 0. 8-digit EANs or other variants are currently not allowed.


More than 5 identical successive digits in EAN

EANs with more than 5 identical successive digits (e.g. 8801111119738) are interpreted as a mistake and are therefore refused.


EAN contains numerical series

EANs containing numerical series (e.g. 8801234569738) are interpreted as dummy-EANs and are therefore refused.


EAN checksum fail

The EAN checksum digit (last digit of the EAN) is verified in this test. A wrong checksum digit leads to an exclusion of the EAN.


Root of EAN not allowed for manufacturer

The company-specific part of the EAN (first 6-9 digits) hasn’t been verified as correct for the specified manufacturer, and has been declined for this reason.


Root of EAN verified for another manufacturer

The company-specific part of the EAN (first 6-9 digits) has been mapped to another manufacturer than the one specified in your price list. Please contact ITscope Support if the EAN has been falsely declined (e.g. for different trading brands etc.).


Manufacturer Part-No. not valid

The manufacturer part number isn’t valid due to special characters or designators like ‘TBD’ or ‘N/A’ etc. These source of supply will consequently be marked as being hidden and no new ITscope product will be added. 


Supplier Part-No. not valid

The supplier part number isn’t valid due to blank spaces or special characters. Designators such as ‘TBD’ or ‘N/A’ etc. are also not desirable.


Manufacturer refused

The manufacturer in your price list isn’t an actual manufacturer name but a collective name, for example “OEM” or “Other”. Without a manufacturer, a row will be imported as a source of supply, but no new products can be created from this.


Mapping removed manually

ITscope has manually removed the mapping to a product. The row will not be imported after the mapping has been removed, until a manual mapping to another product has been added again.

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