Distributor and manufacturer logos

Last modified: 22. September 2020

Availability of company logos

All image links from ITscope are delivered via a dedicated service, in order to ensure better performance and cache utilisation. The links are used consistently across the ITscope platform, exports, and API formats.

Use the following URL structure to obtain the company logo of a distributor:


or for manufacturers:


The parameter at the end of the URL is the manufacturer or distributor ID. The manufacturer or distributor IDs can be retrieved with a manufacturer API query:


or for distributors:


Adaptation of logos

Images can also be transformed on the fly with additional parameters, e.g. fit or cut to size. For example:



  • Fit picture:
    • fit={$width}x{$height}
  • Fit picture with cropping:
    • fitcrop={$width}x{$height}d[NONE|VERTICAL|HORIZONTAL|BOTH|SMALLEST]
  • Fit picture and rotate:
    • smart={$width}x{$height}x{$rotation}
  • Image in greyscale:
    • greyscale=1

The results are kept in the cache for one day.

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