Company relationships

Last modified: 5. January 2023

In the ‘Relationships’ section of the ‘Customer’ area, it is possible to define relationships between customer companies in the portal. This allows you to assign the ‘Change company’ platform right to customer employees.

Types of relationship

Parent company / subsidiary company

A customer company can be defined as a parent company or subsidiary company. This relationship is hierarchical. Employees of the parent company can log in to all subsidiaries, provided they have the ‘Change company’ platform right. Employees of the subsidiary company, however, cannot log in to the parent company.


Related companies are on the same hierarchical level. In the case of related companies, employees of both companies can log in to the other company as long as they have the ‘Change company’ platform right.

Change company

If relationships have been established for a company, employees can be assigned the ‘Change company’ platform right. This can be done in the employee list, and allows employees to log in to related companies and subsidiaries.

You can log in to other companies via the user menu in the portal. The banner at the top of the page allows you to return to your own company.

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