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Last modified: 15. December 2020

Individual price list

For the supplier computeruniverse GmbH, the following two price display options are available:

  1. Display standard prices
  2. Price list import

Standard prices are always displayed by default.

As soon as you have added the supplier to your network, it is necessary to specify the price display option you want to use (either standard prices or price list import).

In order to import your individual computeruniverse price list into ITscope, the following information is needed: 

  • Username
  • Password

To do this, you must request access/activation from computeruniverse.

Please request access/activation directly from your sales team contact person.

Once you have been activated successfully, the following steps are needed:

  1. Add the supplier to your network
  2. In the ‘My account‘ –> ‘Price list‘ tab, enter your supplier access data (username, password), in order to be able to see your individual prices in ITscope
  3. After activating these settings, your individual price list will automatically be retrieved. Within a few seconds, you will be able to see the status of the retrieval.

    The following screenshot shows the supplier account configuration section for computeruniverse on ITscope:


The following steps are necessary to configure computeruniverse realtime prices:

  1. Enter your username
    ((your username for realtime price retrievals)
  2. Enter your password
    (your password for realtime price retrievals)
  3. Activate settings
  4. (this results in your individual realtime prices being retrieved automatically. Within a few seconds, you will be able to see the current retrieval status).

The following screenshot shows the realtime configuration section for computeruniverse GmbH on ITscope:

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